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My name is Olzan Mustafa. I am a creative and ambitious game development student based in London, England.

Presently, I am studying Computer Games Development at university.

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My Story

Since childhood, I have always enjoyed playing video games. Playing various genres of video games has inspired me to study games development. The themes, cinematics and gameplay mechanics have all given me ideas for what I could add if I was working on game projects myself.

Since I was a student in college, I have discovered Level 3 Animation and Games, the course that taught games design which has caught my interest. Studying in that course has developed my skills and knowledge in game design and 3D modelling. Thus, has inspired me to specialise in games design.

I am particularly interested in game design as it encourages me to express my creativity more for games.

The degree I am now studying teaches games development using programming and mathematical principles along with utilising various industry-standard software and hardware. I took up that course as it is a multidisciplinary course that teaches games development which I find fulfilling for my hunger for knowledge.

As I am a big fan of shooter games like Call of Duty, GTA and Doom, I like to specialise in creating shooter games. Whether it being in first or third-person perspective.

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